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Thank you for visiting the Greensprings Community Website. This site has been developed to provide useful information about community activities and educational features that support fire safety in our community, as well as to inform website visitors about the purpose of Greensprings Fire and Rescue. It also includes an electronic version of The Alarm newsletter, a link to current road and weather conditions, a link that describes volunteer opportunities, useful links to relevant fire related information sites, fire education websites for children, and a merchandise link where you can electronically become a member of GSFR.

One of our important community organizations is Greensprings Fire and Rescue (GSFR). This organization is a non-profit that raises funds to support the Greensprings Rural Fire District, our all volunteer district, that provides first responder medical and fire services. Currently, GSFR is busy preparing for our annual fundraiser, the Greensprings Mountain Festival. Please visit our festival site for exciting details about this event at www.greenspringsmountainfestival.org

New Greensprings News!

Great news-- The Second Annual Greensprings Mountain Festival will be held at the Pinehurst Inn on Jenny Creek, September 7, 2013. This annual event, to benefit the local Greensprings Fire and Rescue Department, Pinehurst School and the Greensprings Food Pantry, will include mountain activities and great Southern Oregon music by area bands. Registration is now open at www.greenspringsmountainfestival.org

Silent Auction This year, we will be having a silent auction in conjunction with the Festival. We are in search of great items for the auction. Handcrafted items, especially those made here on the Greensprings, are great sellers! But any items from local or area businesses would be great! We can list business logos in the auction booklet if they are submitted by August 30, 2013. The auction item submission form is attached. Please contact Gail Colbern at 541-200-8236 for information or to arrange pickup of your auction items.

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Your Greensprings Fire and Rescue membership supports our volunteer fire department. You are now able to pay your annual dues online using Paypal. Donating $25 or more gives the right to be a voting member of GSFR.

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Annual Greensprings Fire and Rescue Meeting

The annual Greensprings Fire and Rescue Meeting will be held at the Greensprings Firehouse on June 2, 20133, at 5 P.M. The agenda will include the election of board members, updates on the Greensprings Rural FIre District, the upcoming 2nd Annual Greensprings Mountain Festival and other issues of community interest. A free dinner will be served to our Greensprings Fire and Rescue members. Please mark your calendars and join us for this important community event.

Greensprings Mountain Festival 2013 Update

The second annual Greensprings Mountain Festival will be help September 7, 2013, at the Pinehurst Inn. Registration will open soon for this fabulous benefit event that supports the Greensprings Fire and Rescue, Pinehurst School and the Greensprings Food Pantry. Please go to www.greenspringsmountainfestival.org, for updates about this wonderful event.

Welcome to the Greensprings Rural Fire District

The Greensprings Rural Fire District serves the needs of people living in the Greensprings community. The Greensprings volunteer fire department is proud to help our community members before, during and after emergencies. Since our response area includes major highways and many recreational facilities, we also help countless visitors.

Please visit our fire district website at http://www.greenspringsfire.org/. It details what we do, and will keep you informed about Greensprings Rural Fire District Board actions.

Welcome to Green Springs

Service Area

Weather Conditions

Regularly updated weather information for our area is available

Weather Around Medford

Weather SSE of Ashland

Road Cams

Hyatt Lake Rd. Looking at the Firestation
Camera Courtesy of ggs.net

Greensprings Inn Front Entrance on Hwy 66
Camera Courtesy of ggs.net

Hwy 66 Hyatt Lake Rd Eastbound
Camera Courtesy of ggs.net

I-5 Ashland Chain up Area
Camera Courtesy of ODOT

I-5 at Sexton Summit South View
Camera Courtesy of ODOT

I-5 at Sexton Summit North View
Camera Courtesy of ODOT

US 97 Green Springs Interchange
This Camera Courtesy of ODOT

I-5 Siskiyou NB MP.2 North View
This Camera Courtesy of ODOT

I-5 Siskiyou NB MP.2 South View
This Camera Courtesy of ODOT

I-5 Siskiyou NB at Exit 1 South View
This Camera Courtesy of ODOT

I-5 Siskiyou NB at Exit 1 North View
This Camera Courtesy of ODOT

I-5 at Siskiyou Sumit North View
This Camera Courtesy of ODOT

I-5 at Exit 6 Near Siskiyou Sumit North View
This Camera Courtesy of ODOT